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AI-powered solution that connects your organization tools & apps such as CRM, ERP, E-mail Automation, Facebook apps and many more to unlock new opportunities.

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Miniapis features

What Miniapis can do for you

Workflow automation

Build intelligent systems that connect every single tool in you organization and implement your ideal process structure.

Marketing insight

Get data-driven marketing decisions, tracking to your CRM, social media analytics and leverage the automation to make more leads convert and higher customer loyalty.

High-level CX

Develop a unique customer experience and make sure your value proposition is as tailored as possible to what your customer are really interested in.

Smart opporunities detection

Create unexpected connections in your product management process and increase your revenue by identifying and maximising smart sales opportunities.

Productivity increase

Implement best practices and deploy them thank to cross section linking of your industries and management roles, for higher quality, productivity and operational efficiency.

Intelligent growth

Create optimal conditions for your organization management process and get your business to move and scale smarter thanks to accurate decisions

MiniApis use cases

Take a look at how you can take advantage of MiniApis features to design your organization processes.

Marketing Automation

Case : Energy incident crisis communication

Software & Apps Linking

Case : Pre-paid number top-up chatbot

Automated Management

Case : Automated e-commerce activity

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