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Use case : Automated management

Automated e-commerce activity

Specifically conceived for e-commerce players, the following case present a genuine way to connect an online store to a selling channel (messenger, voice assistant, POS etc.), stock management and customer management, easily making an efficient process without much developement.

Key objective

Increase revenue with multiple selling channels for a manufacturer, automatically managing the selling and production processes with the existing tools

Connected app

In this use case, the connected apps are facebook messenger, an ERP system, an MS (manufacturing software) and a CRM solution

Process description

The process starts when an order is made through an ordering channel like facebook messenger, Amazon Alexa or a POS system.

The order is immediately processed in the organization's ERP to check the stock status of the ordered product.

Both scenarios can be triggered from the ERP's response :

  • If the product is available for sale, a confirmation message is then sent to the client with the estimated time delivery, in our case + 1 day after order confirmation.
  • If the product is not available, another process is triggered and a request is made to the manufacturing software (MS) for producing the missing product, then with the estimated date of production of 2 days given by the MS in our example, the client receives an estimated delivery time of + 3 days in this case.

In both cases, the order confirmation is automatically followed with a report of the sale pushed to the company's CRM for commercial or marketing usage purposes.

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