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Case study : Communication & Marketing Automation

Energy incident crisis communication

The solution designed in this case study leverage both the data of incidents reporting and customers contact information into a successful alert system for electric power companies.

Key objectives

As an electric utility, build an impeccable reputation of clients wellbeing and transparency by rapidly & automatically alerting the customers about incidents affecting them

Connected app

In this case study, the connected app are SAP, SMS/Emailing

Functionality step of the miniapis solution

The miniapis solution for incident management case study completes a one way operation that can be repeated as much as needed until the incident closure.

In the scenario of an incident happening for an Electric power company, like power shortcut in a specific neighbourhood, a company operator reports the full details about the incident into the LMS (?). The incident report is proceeded within the company SAP in order to get specific data required from the SAP : the list of affected clients/customers in the area of the incident.

A prefilled email or SMS, is then sent to the full list of customers that have been shortlisted to inform them about the incident happening in their area.

The solution will be then repeated as much as needed as stated before, in order to report on the full steps of the incident: Alert, Update and Closure with of course a different prefilled email or SMS related to each type of incident .

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