Why MiniApis?

MiniApis enables intelligence within your organization by making your processes collaborate, simply by linking your apps and providing solutions to the problems affecting your organization processes.

Connect your apps and unlock new opportunities

MiniApis « app linking solution » can be designed into unique and innovative business process & behavioural scenarios for organizations, companies and startup.

In the light of the rise of artificial intelligence and data learning, the potential of disruption in business are enormous yet unpredictable.

However, with MiniApis, we offer a very unique solution to seize the unimaginable opportunities of artificial intelligence for organizations, in any kind of industry, size or geographical market.


Improve and customize your customers experience with smart automation


Increase revenue by identifying and maximising smart sales opportunities


Get your organization to move and scale faster thanks to accurate decisions


Increase productivity and operational efficiency within your organization

Quick Integration

MiniApis works already with multiple apis and can integrate quickly to new ones

MiniApis use cases

Take a look at how you can take advantage of MiniApis features to design your organization processes.

Marketing Automation

Case : Energy incident crisis communication

Software & Apps Linking

Case : Pre-paid number top-up chatbot

Automated Management

Case : Automated e-commerce activity

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